Fred Luckpuig is a high school freshman, upbeat, cheerful and enthusiastic. An impulsive and social guy. Like most 15 year olds, Fred prefers to take the easy way, or the coolest way, when it comes to solving difficult problems, especially if they involve school. He tries his hardest when he wants to impress his buddies, or the girl he likes. Fred has a somewhat unworried self-confidence and is loyal to death to his friends Friday and Brains. Sometimes, when panic strikes him, he gets in a tizzy and can’t make any decisions or he makes the worst of them. No doubt that Fred is not the most suitable person to look after such a powerful robot as Friday. Unfortunately, Fred can’t give it back, and even if he could, he wouldn’t. And that’s because Fred loves his robot friend and carefully looks after him. He really enjoys being with him. Can there be anything more fun than a transformer-robot that can turn into a huge 4x4 car for mud races? Or anything handier than a friend capable of turning into a tunnelling machine when you fancy going underneath the earth’s crust?

Agent Brains (a.k.a. Braianna Robeaux)

Agent Brains is amazing. She’s academically brilliant, humble, cultivated and totally in control. She is agile and strong like an Olympic gymnast with a black belt in every single martial art throughout the Galaxy, having been taught at the Protectors’ Academy, where she was trained, and taught everything except how to be a normal girl. Now that she has been assigned to be on the Earth, she has to make an effort in order to pass for ‘Braianna Robeaux’, a nerdy awkward almost invisible girl, with bad attendance and bad grades. All the teachers think that Braianna doesn’t try hard enough. When Brains is on duty, she radiates self-confidence and proves to be a real expert in engineering and robotic science. However, while at school, she feels insecure and incapable of understanding the nuances of the enigmatic human relations. Deep inside, Brains would like to be like every other girl.


Friday is a shape-shifting robot capable of turning into anything that Fred orders. Normally, it’s something fun, like a flying schoolbag, or a pair of basketball shoes that make you jump to the basket. Friday loves going to school with Fred hidden in his bag, transformed into a watch, or an mp3 player. Friday obeys Fred’s orders like his little brother, doing everything he says with enthusiasm. Friday is like a big kid--enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient and playful. For Friday, every day on this strange planet called Earth is a party and he explores Fred’s world like a kid in a candy store. Friday is a very sophisticated machine, but he has his weak points. For example, if he gets wet, he can get short-circuited and behave in an unexpected way, or if he gets too close to a magnet, his memory will be severely damaged. Friday was conceived as a powerful weapon for the protection of the Earth and programmed to obey only his master’s voice, who was meant to be Agent Brains. When Friday was sent to the Earth, a little accident caused that he fell beside Fred, instead of landing on Agent Brains’ runway platform. However, Brains’ dad, Super Commander of the Protectors, still believes that everything turned out as planned and that the Annihilator is still under Brains’ control.

Sir Percival

Long before Friday came into scene, Sir Percival was Fred’s best friend. Sir Percival, like everyone else around Fred, doesn’t know about the existence of Friday and has no idea about Braianna’s secret identity. He is Asian, but he feels a citizen of the ‘Nation of Cool.’ He adopts hip-hop poses, is a gadget freak, and a real Don Juan. Sir Percival can’t help shaking a leg as he hears the music in his head.


Eddie is a boy of African origin with Rastafarian frizzy hair who wears very cool clothes. Eddie is annoyingly perfectly perfect. He helps the unfortunate souls, is an athlete, no-one can skate like him and he can play any instrument. He loves yoga and tai-chi, and is fluent in several languages. And if this isn’t enough, he gets the highest grades at school.


Thomas is enthusiastic, fun to be with… just not very intelligent. He’s always the last one to grasp jokes or ironic comments from his mates — if he ever does at all. Despite everything, his innocence presents him as a nice guy.


She is the girl Fred has a crush on. She is good-looking although she’s not aware and is rather shy, which she hides by pretending to be distant and hermetic. When she’s around, Fred loses it and behaves stupidly. Even though Fred hasn’t realised, she has noticed him. If Fred only behaved like a normal person for a second, maybe then everything would be much easier for both.

Corky Patorpe

Corky is a total trouble maker. She is used to making negative comments in class. Corky is not very attractive, but still she thinks she is the prettiest girl and that the boys go crazy about her. She dresses really old-fashioned, but she believes she’s an elegance icon and she looks down on everyone. She is Mort’s younger sister.

Mort Patorpe

Mort is a distrustful nosey-parker. That’s why he’s the official journalist for the school newspaper. Mort is always to take afloat all of Fred’s and Braianna’s secrets, although he has no clue whether they have any or not. He simply enjoys picking on other people’s problems in order to advertise himself. In more than one occasion, his camera breaks just when he’s taken the shot which could put Agent Brains’ mission at risk. Mort is Corky’s older brother.

Wally K

Wally is a typical bully — big, gawky and not very bright. He’s the busiest bully of all bullies extorting in town. Fred tries to keep far from him, but without knowing how, he always ends up being one of his preferred targets.

Principal Darling

The principal of Fred’s school is a stern and humourless woman. She is the justice incarnate. There is nothing going on in the corridors which escapes her. Principal Darling doesn’t trust Fred one bit.

Mr Tonsils

Mr Tonsils always has a cold. He teaches History and Literature. There are few things on Earth more boring than his classes. If it wasn’t for his sneezing, his students would sleep through them. Atishoo! (Sniff).

Mr Fractal

Fractal hates his students, that’s why he’s the toughest nut to crack at school. He thinks he’s very intelligent and loves Mathematics. His voice is almost sinister. He’s normally disappointed by Braianna.

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